Nucleus Systems


My work is, I think, quite enjoyable. This means that my skill is ever evolving, ever growing. I value good relationships just as much as good code. It is my objective to be of value. Over 7 years of experience has given me plenty of time to learn everything I need to know to give you what you need.

Lacking omnipotence, I've settled for the next best thing: an insatiable motivation to learn.


These are some projects that I've enjoyed considerably, and can take pride in their quality. While these are but a fraction of the experience under my belt, they represent it well.


While the field of web development involves many tools, there are some that are truely exciting, innovative, and are a pleasure to use. Some are made with similar ideals to mine, while others are simply exceptional in what they do. Whatever the reason, here are the tools I love.


Pointless picture of a terminal emulator to make things look nice and make up for the lack of text in this section

Think you need a developer? Or just passing through? Either way, thanks for reading. You're welcome to drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you, whoever you are (unless you're a spam bot, of course). Anyway, have yourself a great day!